Tuesday is SENIOR NIGHT for Crusader Wrestlers!

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*Varsity Boys finish 6th @ Roadrunner Classic
*Cantrell, Redford, Johnson, Dickinson and Fehrman - 1st place hardware at WHS JV Invite Saturday!
*Lots of Crusader/Knight action this coming week - get your RED ON!

Action concluded Saturday at the mid-season boys' basketball tournament at Chaparral HS. The 40-something annual Roadrunner Classic, featuring 8 teams, including of course Wellington, went at it for 3 days of play - here is a day by day accounting of the Crusaders, beginning with the most recent, i.e. Saturday:

**Congratulations to WHS Seniors AJ Snipes and Ian King! Both were selected to the All-Tourney Team at the Chaparral HS Roadrunner Classic! AJ also finished 3rd in the 3 point contest, hitting 31/60!


vs Chaparral

@ Chaparral Roadrunner Classic
Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018

VARSITY BOYS vs Chaparral (5th Place Game)
CHS 68 WHS 61 (4-7) (2-3)
Ian King 24, AJ Snipes 10, DeAndre Washington 7, Jihad Mutazammil 7, Jack Walton 4, Grey Hatfield 4, Austin Soles 3, Silas Popplewell 2

The Crusaders finish 6th in the 8 team invitational. Other Saturday outcomes include Ark City 74 Belle Plaine 49 in the championship game, Kingman 50 Clearwater 47 in the 3rd place game and Mulvane 52 Conway Springs 41 in the 7th place game.


vs Conway Springs

@ Chaparral Roadrunner Classic
Friday, Jan. 19, 2018

VARSITY BOYS vs Conway Springs
CSHS 50 WHS 68 (4-6) (2-3)
Ian King 26, AJ Snipes 20, DeAndre Washington 14, Jihad Mutazammil 6, Jack Walton 2

The Crusaders go up against host Chaparral @ 2:30PM (Chaparral beat Mulvane 75-58 to advance) Saturday in the 5th place game. GOOD LUCK CRUSADERS!!


vs Clearwater

@ Chaparral Roadrunner Classic
Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018

VARSITY BOYS vs Clearwater
CHS 51 WHS 39 (3-6) (2-3)
AJ Snipes 15, Ian King 11, DeAndre Washington 5, Jihad Mutazammil 3, Silas Popplewell 3, Grey Hatfield 2

The Crusaders go up against Conway Springs Friday @ 4:30PM (Conway lost to Ark CIty) Ark City will take on Clearwater @ 8PM. On the other side of the bracket from Wednesday play, Belle Plaine downed Mulvane and Kingman defeated host Chaparral. Friday action finds Mulvane vs Chaparral @ 3PM, then Belle Plaine vs Kingman @ 6:30PM. That winner and the winner between Ark City and Clearwater will play for all the marbles Saturday @ 6PM. The best the Crusaders can finish now is 5th. 



The WHS JV Wrestlers hosted a good-sized invitational Saturday at WHS. Action got underway at 9AM and went on for most of the day. The Crusaders fared quite well with "5" first place finishes - check out these results:

113 lbs.

1st Place - Brennan Cantrell

  • Brennan Cantrell (Wellington) won by decision over Avery Dutcher (Newton) (Dec 8-1)

6th Place - Matthew Sanders

  • Dalton Engelbert (Rose Hill) won by fall over Matthew Sanders (Wellington) (Fall 1:05)

120 lbs.

3rd Place - Montana Heacock

  • Montana Heacock (Wellington) won by decision over Kyler Horton (Ark City) (Dec 4-0)

126 lbs.

5th Place - Colin Green

  • Jace Moberg (Mulvane) won by fall over Colin Green (Wellington) (Fall 3:44)

132 lbs.

  • 1st Place - Quinton Redford of Wellington 4-0
  • 3rd Place - Mikeah Rodriguez of Wellington 2-2

138 lbs.

  • 1st Place - Trystan Johnson
  • Trystan Johnson (Wellington) won by fall over Yancy Cose (Mulvane) (Fall 1:55)
  • 2nd Place - Malachi Macias
  • Trevor Waldrop (Newton) won by fall over Malachi Macias (Wellington) (Fall 1:08)

145 lbs.

  • 4th Place - Jaylen Harris of Wellington
  • Malicai Holmes (Newton) won by fall over Jaylen Harris (Wellington) (Fall 0:45)
  • 5th Place - James Hogg
  • James Hogg (Wellington) won by fall over Dade Coldren (Buhler) (Fall 1:19)

152 lbs.

  • 3rd Place - Austin Sears of Wellington 2-2

182 lbs.

  • 2nd Place - Peyton Smith
  • Zach Fatout (Winfield) won by fall over Peyton Smith (Wellington) (Fall 2:33)
  • 6th Place - Drake Alcorn of Wellington
  • Jacob Montgomery (Ark City) won by fall over Drake Alcorn (Wellington) (Fall 0:16)

195 lbs.

  • 1st Place - Devin Dickinson
  • Devin Dickinson (Wellington) won by fall over Tylar Cheek (Circle) (Fall 2:44)
  • 5th Place - Logan Jones
  • Logan Jones (Wellington) won by fall over Herbie Jackson (Winfield) (Fall 0:44)

220 lbs.

  • 1st Place - Kenny Fehrman of Wellington 4-0



We'll back up just a little bit further and share the outcomes we have from Thursday's WMS 7/8 Girls and Boys Basketball action. The boys hosted Clearwater here at WMS, the girls headed NW to Indian Territory and came home for the 7th time this season with 4 wins and 0 losses. Both girls coaches agree, (8A - Jeff Frazee) (7A - Ashlyln Whaley), this coming Monday, which is the last league game of the season is huge. The Lady Knights will be hosting El Dorado, who have given the Wellington squads a run for their money this season. Should be exciting! The action at WMS begins at 5PM, the 7th graders (A team, then B) compete in the new auxiliary gym and the 8th graders (B Team then A) in the newly renovated main gym indoors. THURSDAYS RESULTS:

Girls @ Clearwater, Boys Host

Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018


7A CMS 16 WMS 57 (win) (7-3) (6-3)
Banks Hinshaw 17, Jack Wright 15, Jax Cornejo 11, Tyler McGlothlin 6, Mekhi Torres 4, Cope Henry 4

7B CMS 22 WMS 42 (win) (9-1) (9-0)
Christian Snipes 15, Tyler McGlothlin 13, Colten Henning 6, Tavey Sanders 4, Keaton Hartman 3, Nate Farmer 1

8A CMS 43 WMS 35 (loss) (2-8) (1-8)

8B CMS 32 WMS 21 (loss) (1-9) (1-8)


7A WMS 38 CHS 21 (win) (10-0) (9-0)
Ashlee Peninger 5 pts
Jordyn Brown 4 pts
Shiney Hughes 12 pts
Kami Reichenberger 7 pts
Jensen Lynnes 2 pts 
Ashlyn Gerten 7 pts
Abigail Helus 1 pt

7B WMS 40 CHS 08 (win) (8-2) (7-2)
Heidi Gulick 4 pts
Josie Walker 6 pts
Cece Lozano 2 pts 
Cortnie Jones 5 pts
Jensen Lynnes 8 pts 
Brooklyn Farmer 4 pts
Abigail Helus 8 pts 
MaryAnn Buresh 1 pt 
Leanna Herring 2 pts

8A WMS 33 CHS 22 (win) (10-0) (9-0)
Ali Zeka 13 pts, 6 rebs, 4 blocks, 3 steals
Airalyn Frame 12 pts, 5 rebs, 2 asst, 2 blocks, 4 steals
Nikki Peninger 8 pts, 1 block
Riley Westmoreland 2 rebs
Grace Westmoreland 6 rebs
Kaitlyn Hain 1 reb
Sadie Glover 2 rebs, 2 blocks

8B WMS 29 CHS 23 (win) (8-2) (7-2)
Taylor Sears 2 pts
Sadie Glover 9 
Melissa Black 5 
Zoie Abasolo 11 
Averie Burns 2


The WHS Varsity Girls will have their mid-season tournament this coming week - that action commences Thursday at Haven HS. The #8 seed Lady Crusaders will take on Host Haven, the #1 seed at 7:30PM in Haven's "new" gym, located next to old gym we were all accustomed to. BRACKET 

Other teams in the mix include 
#4 seed Nickerson, #5 seed Cheney, #3 seed Kingman, #6 seed Goddard, #2 seed Garden Plain and #7 seed Rose Hill.

The WHS Varsity Boys, JV Boys and "C" Team Boys will be in action this coming Friday at Winfield.

The "C" Team Boys will be heading over to Clearwater, even sooner, on Monday (Jan. 22) for a small tournament with Clearwater and Classical School. The younger Crusaders will take on Classical at 5:45, then take on Clearwater at 7:00PM The "C" Team Boys are in yet another tournament this coming Saturday at Kingman HS..featuring host Kingman, Clearwater and Rose Hill. The Girls JV squad heads to Kingman as well that date and square off against host Kingman, Goddard and Rose Hill. Both are slated as 9AM starts!


Tuesday is SENIOR NIGHT at WHS as the Varsity/JV Wrestlers host Newkirk, OK in dual action. That gets underway at 6PM in the main gym! The squad heads to Andover on Saturday, start time is 9AM.


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