2016 Spring Sports season "almost" over...

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The WHS Lady Crusaders lost a heart breaker in Salina Friday evening after waiting an extra day + to play in this year's wet State 4A Softball Tournament.

After falling behind early, the Lady Crusaders chipped away at the deficit but in the end Independence slammed the door and prevailed 11-7.

Congratulations on a great and WHS record-breaking 17-6 season! Congratulations on continuing a great tradition this year too - that being if you're on a girls team at WHS you went to STATE!! (Volleyball, Girls Tennis, Basketball and Softball - all State Qualifiers this school year!!) I'm not sure ANY other school in Kansas can make that claim for 2015-16, public or private!


The State 4A Track Meet (All Classes 1A thru 6A actually) got underway early Friday morning at Wichita State University. WHS had "7" reps on scene and a great effort was made by all.

Lukas Soria and Matthew Mason failed to get past their qualifying pole vault height of 11 feet even. Both are Juniors and both will be back strong next year, no doubt!

The 4x100M consisting of Taylor McGlothlin, Jaycee Schettler, Dietra Sober and Camryn Ricke ran hard but couldn't get over the hump to the finals e
ither. Taylor McGlothlin also ran in the 400M.

The season is over for those "6" - "5" of them will be back next year! The "7th", Senior Shelby McNamara competes (in pole vault) this morning. Shelby and her dad were there Friday anyways - supporting the team - that's what SENIORS do! Good Luck today Shelby and congrats on great seasons to the others - qualifying for State isn't a walk in the park - great job!!

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