Structure Fires Early Monday May 13th, 2018

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Structure Fire Early Morning of May 13th


Local Fire Department received a call at 12:38 AM Sunday of a mobile home on fire. Before responding units arrived, they could see flames 2 blocks away.

Upon arrival one mobile home was fully engulfed in flames and a fifth wheel trailer parked north of the mobile home was on fire.


Chief Hay said staff initially began using large water streams but had water pressure problems from the fire hydrant. A 2nd water supply hose line was established from a hydrant 1 ½ blocks away which took several minutes.


The one occupant and his dog escaped with only a minor burn on the hand.


A mobile home south of the fully engulfed mobile home was damaged by heat. Smoking has been determined as the cause of the fire and damages estimates to all three trailers is $20,000 The structures are located at 1912 Madison in Wellington.


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