Wellington Charity Fantasy Football League presents check to The Bryce Day Memorial Foundation

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WELLINGTON, Kan. - During the Feb. 23 Chamber Coffee at Daylight Donuts, a ceremonial check was presented to The Bryce Day Memorial Foundation from the Wellington Charity Fantasy Football League. The league commissioner, Nate Jones of Sumner Communications' SUTV.com along with the league’s year-three champion, Tytus Cornejo of the Cornejo-Day Funeral Home, and handed the $900 check to Treasurer of the BDMF, Betty Zeka.

The WCFFL works like a celebrity game show. Community figures and business owners enter into the league with a $100 donation, each playing for a different local charity or non-profit organization. At the end of the season the league champion presents all of the donation money to their charity. Eight people competed in 2016, but an extra $100 was donated this year by the league champ, thus the total donation was brought up to the $900 total.

“I've been able to see firsthand how the foundation helps people at such an important time,” Cornejo said. “Choosing to support it and give a little extra was easy to do.” This was the third year for the WCFFL, to date the league has donated $2,700 to local charities.

Along with Cornejo (who played for The Bryce Day Memorial Foundation) and Jones (Sumner County Community Drug Action Team), the rest of the league consisted of Michelle Crittenden, Michelle's Encore Dance (Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Sumner County), Kip Etter, The Dore Grill and Bar (Memorial Auditorium Air Conditioning Fund), Shawn DeJarnett, DeJarnett Law Office (wellington.cc Laptop Fund), Tracy McCue, Sumner NewsCow (Crusader Club), Will Ravenstein, Wellington Daily News (Friends for Charity), and Bill Loop, Future's Unlimited (Wellington Aktion Club).

Final 2016 League Standings

1. Tytus Cornejo
Day Funeral Home
Bryce Day Memorial Foundation

2. Bill Loop
Future's Unlimited
Wellington Aktion Club

3. Shawn DeJarnett
DeJarnett Law
Wellington.cc Laptop Fund

4. Michelle Crittenden
Encore Dance
Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Sumner County

5. Kip Etter 
The Dore
Memorial Auditorium A/C fund

6. Nate Jones
Sumner Communications, SUTV.com
Sumner County Community Drug Action Team

7. Will Ravenstein
Wellington Daily News
Friends for Charity

8. Tracy McCue
Sumner Newscow
Crusader Club

Photo: WCFFL Commissioner Nate Jones, left, Tytus Cornejo and Betty Zeka display the $900 “big check” during Chamber Coffee on Feb. 23. 

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